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To whom it may concern,

In pursuit of total transparency, and in order to ensure a common understanding, the FORK Board of Directors wants our donors to know that their financial contributions to our organization will be utilized in support of programing and program needs deemed most critical at that time.

What this means is that a contribution made specifically to support FORK programs targeted at feeding children today, could be redirected by the Board of Directors toward the FORK Endowment and its efforts secure the long term financial stability of our organization's future work.

Further, a donation made specifically to the FORK Endowment to help us ensure the financial sustainability of FORK programming into the future, could be needed to support the economic demands of the programs that support children's needs today.

That said, the FORK Board of Directors make all decisions concerning use of organizational financial assets by keeping the needs of our area children at the center of their consideration.

It is our commitment to always act as stewards of the resources entrusted in our care.


FORK Board of Directors

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