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The impact of FORK and the programs we manage is often hard to measure quantitatively.

Some would say that without such hard data, there is no way to analyze FORK's organizational impact on the children.

But we think that it is the shared perception of our organizational impact, as articulated by a growing number of individuals, that speaks loudly about the value of our efforts to feed kids from food insecure homes.

Read below, and judge for yourself.

Feed Our Rural Kids demonstrates leadership, service, innovative programming, and creative local collaboration as they strive to provide nutritional support to children from food insecure homes.

Kathy Schmitz

VCEDC Executive Director

We have seen the difference FORK is making for children today, and my husband Mike and I want to ensure that effort continues for years to come.

Margaret Baack

Founding Donor of the FORK Endowment Fund

Feed Our Rural Kids’ efforts to push back against food insecurity for area children is a great first step in ensuring area children have the best chance possible to live a happy, healthy and successful lives.

Kate Ferrel

President of Nicolet College

Solving hunger is all about meeting people where they are. Feed Our Rural Kids (FORK) is doing the critical work of connecting people, who are facing hunger, with the resources and services available to them in their community.

Lisa Endl

Director of Marketing and Communications for Feeding America Wisconsin

In a very short period of time, FORK has become a difference-maker to the community.

Sandy Bishop

Director of Weekend Backpack Program at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Eagle River

FORK programs stand as a protective shield against the negative impact that chronic hunger can have on a child's academic performance and school behavior. As a former elementary teacher, I've seen firsthand how helping a child from a food insecure home with a reliable source of nutrition can be a game changer.

Betty Wright

Retired Educator and FORK Volunteer

FORK is the blessing that I always felt was needed for children and families in our area. For over 35 years, I dealt with childhood food insecurity in the classroom. There I witnessed the challenge presented by unmet nutritional needs, experiencing first-hand their appreciation when additional food support was provided to them. As an organization, FORK is taking the necessary steps to ensure success within the lives of children. While at the same time easing the financial burden on families challenged economically. It is through these efforts that local children will find the opportunity to find success and to happily live their best lives

Rebekah Pokrandt

Retired Elementary and Middle School Teacher

Childhood food insecurity has many potential long term negative impacts. The childhood nutrition programs managed by FORK, and supported by the broader community, have a tremendous positive impact on the children they serve.

Scott Foster

Northland Pines School District - District Administrator

The types of support that FORK provides to area children are invaluable in promoting their proper physical and mental health. These programs provide an outstanding resource for our Women Infant and Children (WIC} families when government funded support programming sometimes falls short.

Laurel Dreger

Vilas County Department of Health - Retired Director

FORK provides food to our students from food insecure homes when there are no other support options on the table. Their programming has been a massive support to children and families in this district. It is through the consistency of their support that the food provided is able to help many children to fully engage socially, emotionally and academically.

Katie Stuckemeyer

Northland Pines School District - Social Worker

FORK is a wonderful resource for our students; providing them with nutritional support not often available to them or their families elsewhere.

Sherrie Mcfarland

Land O' Lakes Elementary School - Secretary

Our partnership with FORK makes a difference in helping our children, challenged by food insecurity, to be as successful as possible within the Three Lakes School District’s learning environment.

Teri Maney

Administrator Three Lakes School District

We are excited about the efforts FORK is making to support children from the growing number of food insecure homes.

Nancy Sattler

Executive Director of the Northwoods United Way

Good works are being done on the issue of childhood food insecurity, and the FORK Endowment Fund is a tool that can help those good works continue for generations to come.

Adam Redman

Broker-Owner of Redman Realty Group

Sometimes 'life' just happens, and the resulting food insecurity driven by the changing circumstances is something impacted families can not plan for. Therefore, the ability of FORK's Family Food Helpline to directly connect food insecure households to trained economic support staff is a great first step in helping people to get back on their feet

Kate Gardner

Director of Social Services in Vilas County

Our district is appreciative of the support and direction provided by Feed Our Rural Kids. Through their collaboration with the district and the broader community, we now are more confident that students are having their basic needs met. Our staff and I are thankful to be a part of such a giving community.

Kari Volk

Three Lakes School District- Director of Special Education/Pupil Services and School Psychologist

FORK has become a mainstay for children and families of the Phelps community. Its support is especially appreciated by our educational staff who now know that our students are being taken care of outside the walls of our building. There is a collective feeling of relief that going forward, we can all rely on the fact that our children are coming to school ready to learn and not hungry.

Jason Pertile

Phelps School District - Dean of Students

The Three Lakes School District is very appreciative of the efforts being made in partnership with FORK. We are inspired by this organization's efforts to help our communities' children to achieve a level of sustainable food security. FORK stands as a promise of hope to the children they serve. It is a promise secured for generations through their establishment of the FORK Endowment Fund.

Teri Maney

Three Lakes School District- District Administrator

FORK is an amazing program. Many children in our communities come from families who are just getting by. FORK provides a safety net for these children who rely on school meals to get the nutrition they need. The government programs can be lacking, and many working families don't qualify. FORK bridges that gap.

Hope Williams

Oneida County - Retired WIC Director

FORK has been an absolute gift to our entire community. Due to the ongoing supply of resources FORK provides to our children and their families, our children are better off.

Carie Brock

SOAR Middle School and Land 0' Lakes Elementary School- Principal

The FORK program is an integral part of our school district as we aim to meet the needs of our students on a daily basis. When students are nourished, they can better focus on academic success. The district is grateful to be partners with the FORK program as they help level the playing field for those students from food insecure homes.

Ryan Bock

Three Lakes School District - 7-12 Dean of Students