Easy Breakfasts

Breakfast is the first food of the day and it’s important to make the first food we put in our body something that is full of good nutrients. As a dietitian I like to help people simplify eating so they can feed their body well and not take a lot of time or thought to do so. Here are some simple tips to try to see if they work for you.

Hydrate! Drink a cup of water when you first get up
Include a fruit: fresh or frozen fruits are great options
Include a vegetable – this can be more tricky. Smoothies are a great way to include veggies, greens are great with eggs (especially spinach or arugula), adding salsa or chopped peppers to eggs is another tasty way to include veggies.
Overnight oats or healthy muffins are great paired with fruit and hard boiled eggs
Make a large batch of scrambled eggs and use over a couple days to make breakfast burritos or add to greens like arugula.
Make toast more hearty by putting on a nut butter or ricotta cheese with fruit topping
If you don’t like ‘breakfast’ try leftovers as breakfast

Try these Hearty breakfast burritos this week and give a thumbs up if you liked them!


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