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Now through Nov. 30, customers at Trig’s Food and Drug in Eagle River will again be asked to round up their purchase payments to the nearest dollar. It is Trig’s second annual Round-Up to benefit Feed Our Rural Kids Inc. (FORK).

“With enough pennies, we can change lives,” said FORK President Perry Pokrandt.

The way it works is simple. If a customer’s bill totals $27.58, “rounding up” means they will pay the cashier $28 even. The difference of 42 cents will be donated to FORK.

“With all those pennies going to support FORK’s new Children’s Pantry program in the Phelps and Northland Pines elementary schools, the Round Up pennies fundraiser will be a difference maker in area communities,” said Brad Brayshaw, Trig’s senior director of retail development. “We are excited to have this opportunity to partner with Feed Our Rural Kids.”

Trig’s Eagle River Store Director Terry Tryggeseth said, “We continue to see how FORK is making an impact in our local communities and we are excited to do what we can.”