Trig’s ‘rounds up’ to help fund FORK’s Family Food Helpline

By Vilas News-Review, Posted on October 31, 2023

Throughout the month of November, Trig’s grocery store is asking customers to “round up” to help raise money in support of Feed Our Rural Kids’ (FORK) Family Food Helpline.

“It’s where you call when you don’t know who to call,” FORK President Perry Pokrandt said of the Family Food Helpline.

People can call 888-479-FORK (3675) to find resources using the helpline, which is a partnership between FORK and both the Vilas and Oneida County Departments of Social Services.

“Food insecurity within a household is nothing a family can plan for,” Pokrandt said. “The Family Food Helpline was created to ensure that there is a place to call for help when circumstances create oversized economic challenges threatening a family’s access to sufficient, affordable, and nutritious food.”

Now through Nov. 30, customers at Trig’s in Eagle River, Minocqua, Rhinelander, and Manitowish Waters will be asked to round up their purchase payments to the nearest dollar, with those funds going to support the Family Food Helpline in Vilas and Oneida counties.

“We are excited to have found this opportunity to partner with Feed Our Rural Kids,” said Kindl Furtak, Trig’s marketing director. “The November round-up is the perfect program at the perfect time of year for our community and customers to help ensure a joyous holiday season for residents of food-insecure homes across our area.”

“The way a round-up works is simple,” Pokrandt explained. “If a customer’s bill totals $27.58, rounding up means they will pay the cashier $28 even. The difference of 42 cents will be donated to support FORK’s Family Food Helpline.”

Furtak stated FORK’s Family Food Helpline is a lifeline at the toughest of times.

“We don’t think anything has the potential to impact the community more than reliable access to food. The Trig’s team just wants to do our part to help food-insecure families in our area,” Furtak added.

Donations also can be made online at, or checks can be mailed to: Round Up, 4887 Echo Ridge Drive, Eagle River, WI 54521.

Individuals who wish to learn more about FORK can visit

FORK is a registered 501(c)(3).

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