Proud of Accomplishments During FORK’s First Year

Letter to the Editor:

I’d like to say I have vivid memories of one year ago. But I must admit that they are fuzzy at best. That is except for one thing.

I was sitting around a pool in Florida and with the help of my wife, we first talked about Feed Our Rural Kids Inc. (FORK).

She talked about the issue of food insecurity, as she saw it from the perspective of a teacher of 30-plus years.

I talked about how we might tackle such an issue across an area of limited resources and unlimited heart.

Then, together, we brainstormed which individuals from our community might share our passion and be a good fit as members of the new board of directors for FORK.

I write this letter to not just commemorate those first discussions 12 months back as our starting point, but to mark a real beginning. Six months ago, we first announced FORK to the community within an article in this newspaper titled, “New organization formed to curb childhood hunger.” Looking back, I admit that we were very excited as it marked a milestone of accomplishment — a real beginning. I’m proud to say that with the support of my board of directors, and this community of unlimited heart, we have not looked back since then.

As we take on the next six months and the years to come, there are great things on the horizon. To those kids from food-insecure homes I say, “Help is on the way.” To this community I again extend the challenge, “Join us.”

In closing and with my sincere appreciation, I’d like to say thank you to all those who have joined us already.

Perry Pokrandt
Eagle River

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