Press Release: FORK’s Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund Sets $1,000,000 Goal

By , Posted on February 16, 2021

“Feed Our Rural Kids (FORK) is excited to begin the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund’s $1,000,000.00 capital campaign,” announced Endowment Chairman Keith Kentala.

Feed Our Rural Kids (FORK) was formed to address the critical day to day nutritional needs of children from food insecure homes across eastern and central Vilas County. The Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund has been created to meet the chronic long-term challenges faced by the organization in addressing that childhood food insecurity.

The Endowment was first funded by an anonymous $100,000 founding donation in June of 2020. At the time, the donors were mindful that their donation could create a legacy of hope for generations of kids to come and that their grant would provide sustainability to ensure that FORK efforts to feed kids would stand the test of time.

“FORK’s goal for the endowment is a $1,000,000 balance by the end of 2024,” offered Kentala. “No small task. But a goal that is worthy of the efforts that will be necessary to achieve it.”

​“Investments in our children’s future are not made with the expectation of immediate return. Rather they are made in hopes of changing the arc of their destiny,” offered Pokrandt. “Research tells us that there are generally two types of donors to nonprofit organizations like FORK. There are those who want to help today, and those who want to leave a legacy that supports the future efforts of an organization to continue their programs into the future.”

“The FORK promise to help feed kids was not just a promise to the children in need today. But stands as a driving force that compels us to build upon the Fund’s original donation,” continued Kentala. “The wonderful thing about the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund is that we have built it to do both those things Perry mentioned,” continued Kentala. “The needs of today’s children are funded in part by annual distributions of fund assets. While the sustainability of the organization’s future efforts are secured by growth of the fund’s portfolio conservatively invested over time.”

“With today’s announcement, I’d like to introduce the other members of the committee who will support Tomorrow’s Kids million-dollar challenge. These are the people who will oversee the investment of the funds already donated and direct the funds that are donated into the future,” offered Pokrandt. “With their support and Kentala’s direction, this effort is in very good hands.”

The other members of the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund Committee Include:

Ben Hauser, President – Northland CPA’s.
“For years, my wife taught in the St. Germain school district and experienced firsthand the number of children living in a food insecure home. Over those years, she was an advocate for the students in whatever way possible.  Being a member of this committee is my chance to help those kids who experience childhood hunger, one meal at a time!

Jed Lechleitner – Commercial Banking Officer with Mbank
“I hope my involvement will make an impact on the families in our communities. As one part of this committee, I believe that our support of FORK programs will help generations of our local kids to grow up strong and confident.”

Nancy Schuller – Retired Community Banker, Incredible Bank
“By being involved and staying active in this community, I have a chance to play a significant role in enhancing and sustaining FORK’s efforts to support children from food insecure homes in our area.”

Nic Weight – Insurance Agent at Meyer Insurance
“I was inspired by the incredible work the organization was accomplishing within the community. I’m honored to be a part of such a tremendously impactful program for our local community.”

Brian Fitz – Vice President/Private Banker with Nicolet National Bank
“As the Business Manager with the Northland Pines School District, my wife has provided me with clear insight into the tremendous impact made by FORK programs through the worst of the pandemic. I personally wanted to be involved in preserving FORK’s programs to the benefit of children in the future.”

“The drive to fully fund the $1,000.000 goal of the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund is easy to understand, when you realize that a million-dollar endowment would be able to fund the current FORK nutritional support projects in perpetuity,” continued Kentala. “With this level of talent on our committee, we are confident of meeting our financial goals. Their passion and experience will be key to FORK’s long-term efforts to mitigate childhood food insecurity,”

Individuals who would like to learn more about the effects of childhood food insecurity or discuss the many ways you can contribute today and into the future, can contact Keith Kentala at

Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund is a financial planning tool of Feed Our Rural Kids Inc, which is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.

“A family legacy can be a specific donation today or a commitment to donate as part of a family estate,” explained Kentala. “It’s as simple as you wish to make it.”

Donations can be made directly to Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund here.

or mail your contribution to Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund 4887 Echo Ridge Dr. Eagle River WI 54521

“By our looking so far down the road, we are confident that through this endowment, FORK can ensure that hunger will never stand in the way of success for any child,” concluded Pokrandt.

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