FORK doing great things, but group needs more funds

Letter to the Editor:

In 2007, my husband, Mike McAdams and I moved to Land O’ Lakes to retire. We slowly wove ourselves into the fabric of the community, making friends along the way, becoming involved with organizations and volunteering here and there.

We’ve been doing our best to donate to organizations that benefit those in need. However, there’s always room to do more.

Earlier this year we luckily crossed paths with Perry Pokrandt, the founder of Feeding Our Rural Kids (FORK) Inc. It didn’t take long in our discussion for us to realize that Perry is a person of great integrity and drive, and that we had a wonderful opportunity to work with him and his group to help get food to kids that go hungry on a regular basis.

During the school year, the school district provided breakfast and lunch to over 600 kids at no cost and the program was working well. FORK was going to pick up feeding the kids through the summer months. However, with COVID-19, the schools closed. So FORK stepped up early, using up its summer funds in March, April and May. Now they are in need of money to get through June, July and August (and beyond). That’s why I’m writing.

In response to the upcoming need, FORK is holding a fundraiser this Saturday, May 23, at Eagle Waters Resort between 6-8 p.m. with Bret and Frisk and Friends providing the entertainment. Particulars are available online.

In addition to that, Mike and I have decided to offer a matching grant of $20,000, because to us there’s nothing better to do with our abundance than put food in the bellies of kids that are food-deprived.

We, who have so much, need to step up and share some of what we have with those that have so little. It’s time to do some balancing out. Open up your wallets and checkbooks and donate. Double our grant. Do whatever you can to bring a smile to families that are in need right now.

Please find that generous spot in your hearts and donate what you can. Kids are depending on us.

Margaret Baack and Mike McAdams

Land O’ Lakes

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