FORK Accepts First Donation to Newly Created Endowment Fund

By Vilas County News-Review, Posted on June 30, 2020

IncredibleBank in Eagle River recently made a community donation to the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund. Taking part in the check presentation were, from left, Nancy Schuller of the fund committee; Toni DeGroot, Kendal Wadinski and Karen Martin, all of the bank staff; Keith Kentala, chairman of the fund; and Perry Pokrandt, Feed Our Rural Kids president. —Contributed Photo

The Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund has received its first community donation, presented by IncredibleBank of Eagle River, according to Perry Pokrandt, president of Feed Our Rural Kids (FORK) Inc.

“It is our confident belief that the financial growth of this fund, as a future annual revenue source, is the best way to ensure that FORK programs are sustainably funded today and for years to come,” said Pokrandt.

The creation of the endowment fund was made public in the June 7 issue of the Vilas County News-Review, when it was announced that an anonymous donor had contributed $100,000 toward the establishment of the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund for the purpose of ensuring that children would be provided nutritional support they need today and well into the future.

“We chose to make this gift to the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund in order to provide stability for FORK programs into the future,” said Kendal Wadinski, market manager for IncredibleBank of Eagle River.

“Previously, the bank has been proud to directly support FORK’s current nutritional programs,” said Wadinski. “But in this instance, we wanted to send a message to our community that this kind of planning for the future is an important economic piece of all long-term planning for individuals, families and for organizations like FORK.”

Keith Kentala, chairman of the endowment fund, agreed with the vision shared by IncredibleBank.

“A gift to the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund provides an element of stability to the FORK programs today, while protecting the interest of children not yet born, not yet challenged and not yet hungry,” said Kentala. “This is because as the fund grows in its total value, a larger and larger percentage of the financial needs required to nutritionally support children today will be provided annually from revenue distributions from the fund,” he continued. “That is, the larger the fund, the larger the contribution from the fund to meet the needs of children today.”

Nancy Schuller, member of the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund Committee and IncredibleBank’s recently retired market manager, said she was proud of her former staff.

“This donation symbolizes the important role a local bank like IncredibleBank has in the financial future of our community,” said Schuller.

“Nancy was so important to this bank and to our community as a leader,” said Wadinski. “Now, in her retirement, we are again inspired to follow her lead and contribute toward FORK’s future through the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund.”

Pokrandt explained the endowment funds are not directly available to FORK to meet current financial commitments, but act as a financial nest egg in order to ensure economic viability of FORK’s nutritional programs into perpetuity.

“Some people who give to an organization like FORK do so because they see the value of meeting the immediate need of children challenged by circumstances today,” said Pokrandt. “Other people prefer to look at their giving as a legacy, a generational gift to ensure the future of the community and its efforts to support children. Both ways are good ways. It is all in how you see the difference you want to make in the world.”

“To those within the community who understand how giving to the future is the perfect way to support the needs of children today, we welcome your support,” added Kentala.

Individuals wishing to make an electronic financial contribution to the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund may visit Donors also can mail donations to Tomorrow’s Kids, 4997 Echo Ridge Drive, Eagle River, WI 54521.

Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund is managed by FORK, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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