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Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund Launches a $1,000,000 Capital Campaign

Feed Our Rural Kids (FORK) is excited to announce the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund’s $1,000,000.00 capital campaign.

The expansion of FORK’s organizational vision has led us to create the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund. We see it as a legacy of hope for generations of kids to come. Through this capital campaign, the children who need food today, as well as those who will be hungry tomorrow, can be assured of that promise of hope for their futures.

“That is the wonderful thing about the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund, we have built it to meet both those needs. The needs of today’s children are funded in part by an annual distributions of fund assets. While the sustainability of the organization’s future efforts are secured by growth of the fund’s portfolio conservatively invested over time.”

Nic Weight - Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Committee Chairmen

Feed Our Rural Kids (FORK) was formed to address the critical day to day nutritional needs of children from food insecure homes across eastern and central Vilas County.

The Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund was created to meet the chronic long-term challenges faced by the organization in addressing ongoing childhood food insecurity.

A simple way for you to understand this relationship is that FORK stands for food security for children and the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund will stand as financial security for FORK.

“Investments in our children’s future are not made with the expectation of immediate return. Rather they are made in hopes of changing the arc of their destiny."

Perry Pokrandt – President of Feed Our Rural Kids

This endowment provides FORK an opportunity to create a sustainable future. That is a reality where the organization's future boards of directors can continue the mission that FORK originally envisioned; but do so with a confidence in the sustainability of their cause.


Tomorrow’s Kids

“We hope that you will find the opportunity to help is more than compelling, We hope that you see it as inspirational.”
Keith Kentala Chairman Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund

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Meet the Tomorrow's Kids Endowment Committee


Nancy Schuller

“FORK stands for food security for children, the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund will stand for financial security for FORK”


Brian Fitz

“As the Business Manager with the Northland Pines School District, my wife has provided me with clear insight into the tremendous impact made by FORK programs through the worst of the pandemic. I personally wanted to be involved in preserving FORK’s programs to the benefit of children in the future.”


Jed Lechleitner

“I hope my involvement will make an impact on the families in our communities. As one part of this committee, I believe that our support of FORK programs will help generations of our local kids to grow up strong and confident.”


Nic Weight

“I was inspired by the incredible work FORK was accomplishing within the community. I’m honored to be a part of such a tremendously impactful program for our local community.”

Kathy Schmitz-crop

Kathy Schmitz

"As a co-founder of the non-profit Okoa Toto Children’s Home in Kenya, I have always had a passion to help children in difficult circumstances. When Perry contacted me to become involved with FORK, I was so honored to have the opportunity to be part of a vibrant local organization with such a critical mission. When children grow up healthy and from a supportive community, there is just no better gift."

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