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Support the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund

Through the Tomorrow's Kids Endowment Fund the children who need food today, as well as those who will be hungry tomorrow, will be given a promise of hope for their futures.

​"Investments into the future of our children… are made with the hope of making a difference." - Perry Pokrandt Founder of Feed Our Rural Kids.

It was FORK's desire to make an immediate difference in the lives of children from food-insecure homes that compelled us to create the Feed Our Rural Kids organization and the programs we financially support. Yet, it is now clear we also need to answer the question, “What about tomorrow's kids?”

“Actions move an ideal toward reality... Your donation will help us to build a tomorrow where hunger does not stand in the way of opportunity for any child.”

Scott Foster District Administrator, Northland Pines School District

To date all the efforts of Feed Our Rural Kids and the community have been to nutritionally support children who need help today. That has been done, and continues to be done, to great effect.

The expansion of FORK’s organizational vision has led us to create the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund as a legacy of hope for generations of kids to come.

The beauty of the opportunity presented by the Tomorrow's Kids Endowment Fund is that it stands as a promise to all children, not yet born, not yet challenged by life or not yet hungry. It says to them that a helping hand is just within their reach.

“As time goes on, the board hopes a legacy will be built for tomorrow's youths. Yet at the same time funds generated by the growth of the endowment will be utilized to support FORK programs today"

Keith Kentala, Chairman, Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund

​This endowment provides FORK an opportunity to create a sustainable future. That is a reality where the organizations future boards of directors can continue the mission that FORK was created for; but without the entire burden of the financial responsibility they inherent.

FORK was created to provide nutritional support to children from food insecure homes.

We hope that you will find the opportunity to help is more than compelling, We hope that you see it as inspirational.

For more information or to schedule a meeting regarding Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund, please email us at OR Call Keith Kentala, Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund Chairman, at 715-891-4868


Support the Tomorrow’s Kids – ORG Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a financial tool created by Feed Our Rural Kids Inc (FORK), to accept and invest donations made today, so that we can fund our childhood nutrition programs in the future.

Nutrition Programs

Tomorrow's Kids Endowment Fund support these FORK nutrition programs.

Provides meals to children at times when school nutrition programs are not available - spring, summer, and winter vacations.

learn more >

Provides children up to age 4 with a monthly benefit of supplementary fruits and vegetables.

learn more >

Provides emergency nutritional support to school-aged children during instance of fast changing levels of family food security.

learn more >

Provides a one-time, emergency source of baby formula to families who run short at month's end.

learn more >

Provides food and nonfood items as an in-school resource to educators in Eagle River, St Germain, Land O' Lakes, and Phelps.


Meet the Tomorrow's Kids Endowment Committee


Nancy Schuler

“FORK stands for food security for children, the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund will stand for financial security for FORK”


Brain Fitz

“As the Business Manager with the Northland Pines School District, my wife has provided me with clear insight into the tremendous impact made by FORK programs through the worst of the pandemic. I personally wanted to be involved in preserving FORK’s programs to the benefit of children in the future.”


Jed Lechleitner

“I hope my involvement will make an impact on the families in our communities. As one part of this committee, I believe that our support of FORK programs will help generations of our local kids to grow up strong and confident.”


Nic Weight

“I was inspired by the incredible work FORK was accomplishing within the community. I’m honored to be a part of such a tremendously impactful program for our local community.”


Ben Hauser

“For years, my wife taught in the St. Germain Elementary School and experienced firsthand the number of children living in a food insecure home. Over those years, she was an advocate for the students in whatever way possible. Being a member of this committee is my chance to help those kids who experience childhood hunger, one meal at a time!"


Keith Kentala

“Growing up in a sometimes food subsidized home gives me a story to tell. Being chairman of the Tomorrow’s Kids Endowment Fund gives me a reason to tell it.”

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