The Family Food Helpline is a collaborative partnership between Feed Our Rural Kids and the Vilas and Oneida County Departments of Social Services.

“We created the Family Food Helpline as a ‘go-to’ resource to support food insecure households in times of crisis."
Kate Gardner - Director of Vilas County Department of Social Services

Simply by its existence, the Family Food Helpline gives area residents a road map to the nutritional support that will make challenging times easier to navigate.

When you need food, you can get help, just call the Family Food Helpline.

“The Family Food Helpline is the place to turn when you or your family’s food security is in question."
Mary Rideout – Director of Oneida County Social Services

That is why we have created the Family Food Helpline. When you need food, we can help.

Just call 888-479-FORK.

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